"It's where the healing happens"

        Do you desire guidance for your Soul about relationships, career, or your Life Purpose? Would you like to connect with your Guardian Angels or the Dearly Departed? A  Spiritual Mediumship  reading with Marisa is awaiting you NOW!


         Do you need to remove energetic and physical blockages holding you back from living a pain free and joyful, exuberant life? Book an Energy Healing Session with Marisa for immediate relief!

        Would you like to learn lifestyle modification or possibly have holistic herbal remedies for conditions that plague you: Pain, Insomnia, Sleep Issues? Book an Ayurvedic Holistic Health Consultation and follow up package with Marisa that will be life changing! 

Spiritual Mediumship

"I don't want to save you, I want to stand by your side as you save yourself"

Energy Healing